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THE NEW FACTORY - Michael Schumacher & Gui Miotto - Dansgroep Amsterdam
Opening night Feb.1 2013 in Dansmakers Amsterdam, afterwards on tour in the Netherlands.

Peter Missotten designed the stage, video & light for the double bill dance performance 'The New Factory' by Dansgroep Amsterdam.
It consists of two choreographies: 'My Favourite Parasite' by Michael Schumacher and 'ASGONE' by Gui Miotto.
Two rather different stage designs involving quite a lot of (mostly portable) video projections and camera's.


AsGone - Gui Miotto
What happens when dancers meet their virtual self on stage? Is their real-life present strengthened or, on the contrary, destroyed by the virtual dancer? With projections of previously recorded and live video footage, Miotto and Missotten create a mix of virtual and real dancers. Choreographic contrasts between the two ‘casts’ generate a daring visual dissonance. A physically rousing clash between five dancers and five projectors.

3 TNF AsGone Guilherme Miotto foto Sigel Eschkol

My Favorite Parasite - Michael Schumacher
It has recently become fashionable in some places to refer to artists as parasites feeding off society. This idea is not new as artists have always been in symbiotic relationship to their environments, absorbing and reflecting what they witness. With this new duet Schumacher entertains the notion of an opportunistic relationship that also possesses reflective and transformative qualities. As the dancers feed off each other, they gradually develop a fascinating and unique ecology.
Which artist is your favourite parasite?

Photo's: Sigel Eschkol

 M IMG_7184

3 TNF My Favorite Parasite Michael Schumacher foto Sigel Esckol

4 TNF My Favorite Parasite foto Sigel Eschkol