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Peter Missotten
trained as a video artist. Alongside a career as a media artist, he worked all of his life in and around theatre spaces - starting as a light designer for ‘The Cement Garden’ in 1983. This started a long collaboration as a stage, video & light designer for Guy Cassiers, which went on and off during some 25 years ('Wasp Factory', 'Sunken Red', 'Rage d’Amour',' Der Fliegende Holländer', ''The Woman who fell into Doors', 'Onegin'… to name just a few).

His work focusses on the shattering power of technology on humanity. By embracing these digital technologies, he creates uncanny, intermediate performances and installations that questions our grip on the speed of technology. Who's in control?

Throughout his career, he uses his network and expertise to coach younger artists - designers as well as media and performance artists.

In 1994 he founded de Filmfabriek with Anne Quirynen and Anne Heyman: A company dealing with the crossover between digital and performance arts. They worked intensively on projects with artists as William Forsythe, Wim Vandekeybus, Guy Cassiers and Georges Aperghis. Artists as Wies Hermans, Bram Smeyers, Kurt d’Haeseleer and Ief Spincemaille joined them over the years. They produced some experimental digital feature films, such as 'The Way of the Weed' and worked as a graphic design company for numerous art companies such ast Blindman Quartet, Laika, Needcompany, SACD, ro theater, Museum of Breda etc… In the meantime, Peter Missotten kept on working as set, video and light designer for a wide variety of projects.

From 2000 on, Peter Missotten evolved from a designer into a director for performance arts and opera productions. In 2006-2010 he joined Toneelhuis (Antwerp, Belgium) as a director and designer. His first intermediate performance 'Quartett' by Heiner Muller was coproduced by the Schauspielhaus in Vienna. His adaptation of 'The Waste Land' by T.S.Eliot was selected for the Holland Festival 2008.

In 2009, he directed the world creation of 'KEPLER', an opera by Philip Glass for Linz09 at the Landestheater Linz (Austria), as always in his own stage, video and light design. In 2010 he created 'MONTEZUMA - FALLENDER ADLER', an opera by Bernhard Lang, for the Nationaltheater Mannheim (D). He designed the stage and light concept for quite a few choreographies, by example 'The New Factory' by Guilherme Miotto and Michael Schumacher for Dansgroep Amsterdam.

He developed a visual, performance based libretto for 'THE GOLEM', a new opera by Bernhard Lang, which he staged (direction, video, lights and stage design) for the Nationaltheater Mannheim in 2016.

He has a Master's degree in Visual Arts (LUCA School of Arts Brussels) and has a masterclass degree in Cultural Managment (University of Antwerp)
He was teaching performance art at the Toneelacademie Maastricht for almost 20 years (2003-22) and is head of the research group Technology Driven Art at Zuyd University (NL).

This site provides some highlights of his extensive career as an artist.
For his work as head of the research group Technology Driven Art at Zuyd University (Maastricht NL), please visit

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