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THE FYING DUTCHMAN - WAGNER - Guy Cassiers - Kazushi Ono - Opera La Monnaie Brussels 2005

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For Der Fliegende Holländer, Guy Cassiers collaborated with "old faithful" Peter Missotten and Kurt D’Haeseleer of tde Filmfabriek. Peter Missotten put two giant copper constructions on the scene: two slowly rotating, vertically cut half cylinders who alternately open and close the circle in their constant movement. On the inner wall of each cylinder, slowly sliding images are projected in blazing color tones. The abstract images carry the traces of fraying cloud strings, surging seas, sunlight ... From the moving sculpture, a picture of the protagonists sometimes emerges, to be sucked up again in it. Without difficulty you associate this stage design with the material "outside world" of boats, radars, gas storage places, ports ... and the mental "inner world" of the thinking and feeling of the characters.
Marleen Baeten - Etcetera 2006

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Conductor: Kazushi Ono
Director: Guy Cassiers
Set Design: Peter Missotten
Video: Kurt d'Haeseleer
Light: Enrico Bagnoli
Egil Silins (Hollander), Anja Kempe (Senta), Alfred Reiter (Daland), Torsten Kerl (Erik), Jacqueline Van Quaille (Mary), Jorg Schneider (Steurmann)
La Monnaie, Bruxelles, 20.12.2005

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